Thursday, January 17, 2013

.A Test of Faith.

Hello adorable people :)

Thesis is in the making, and it is not easy to complete one. But through the process, I've learned so much things. One I can share with you is faith. To keep your mind in the line is not easy, there is so much to deal with. Laziness, lack of confidence, etc. I also have to deal with my emotions when things didn't go as planned and people are not helping as expected. By the way, I'm doing a qualitative and quantitative kind of research which mean I have to do some analysis and survey. I did a questionnaire and distribute it to the selected people. I'm using the Surveymonkey which is free and easy to use. Once Im done with my questions, I can straight away giving the survey link to my target respondents. I had some much fun doing it anyway. I feel like a student baby. 
Hihih :)

But yeah, like I mentioned just now, things didn't go as planned and people are not helping as expected. Some of them, not all. I felt kinda upset and mad but yeah thank you Holy Spirit for whispered to my ears not to complain and try to see things in different way. They told me to be thankful and grateful. Don't look to the things you didn't get but look to the positive things that has been done perfectly. Count your blessings Ona! :)
 They also told me that the imperfect things happened could be a way of opportunity, creativities could be developed from it. And they are true, undeniable. 

Thank you Jesus for sending me your Guardian Angels to guard me along my way.
A long way to go I guess, please be patient with me ya :)

To my Love, you have helped me a lot.
Thank you so much ya..
We are in this together, right? :)

.I love you forever more.